Monday, May 11, 2009

Found a great little cookbook

I was in my local Half Price Books today, looking for some of GR's books. To my bewilderment, they didn't have any of his books! WOW! I even asked one the clerks and she said that she was not surprised, they hardly ever get any of his books. So I guess I will just have to keep getting them from Amazon! Oh well.

But it wasn't a total loss. I found a neat little soft bound cookbook in the Italian section, Northern Italian Cooking by Bibi Caggiano, and it has some great recipes! Risotto with Champagne! Sounds good!! Petti di Pollo al Marsala! (Chicken breast with Marsala wine) Funghi con Marsala e Panna! (Mushrooms with Marsala wine and Cream), Pere al Vino Roso(Pears poached in Red Wine). And it goes on! Of course, the recipes in the book are for large families, so I will have to make adjustments, tweak them a little. There are just the two of us now, finally, and no matter how I do it, we always end up with left overs. And I hate to waste food!

Well, I will get this together, and hopefully have at least one of the many recipes made up this coming weekend, so I can post it for you here. Keep checking back!

Buon appetito

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